The Launching Pad Week 12


“Repetition breeds familiarity. Familiarity breed confidence. Confidence breeds success.” Stanley H Kaplan


Everything in life is designed around cycles. Getting past your comfort zone is a cycle and you now have the road map for uncovering blocks, defusing fears, and exposing solutions. You have expanded your energy and aligned your mind, emotions, actions, and energy with your desired outcomes. You are aligned with your soul and your inner voice of knowing. You have reinvested time back into yourself and a life you not only love, you also deserve. It is now up to you to keep utilising what you have come to understand and what you have learned. Now it is time for rinse and repeat. Over, and over again.



Asses where you started and how far you have come through each learning and application of the 12 stages.  What changes you have made and exactly how you achieved them?


Answer the power questions, rewrite your life script as required. Reassess your goals and set yourself up for ongoing success. You have successfully launched.  Continue to look at the rules of the game and continue to do the weekly landscape creation every Sunday. Keep yourself set up for success.

Lesson Resources WEEK 12