The Launching Pad Week 7


“You are at a choice-point in every moment of each circumstance, each activity, spoken word and thought.” Michael Beckwith


An uncommunicated boundary is not a boundary, it is a concept. Boundaries ensure your success and are not set for others; they are there to keep you feeling safe. Boundaries are more than how you will allow others to treat you, they are how important is it for you to live your best life. It is time to get clear on your boundaries in regard to relationships, finances, health, well-being and work.



Do the self-reflective and power questions. Analyse your two-week time audit honestly to see where you can reinvest time back into the things that are most important to you. Get very clear and precise on what your boundaries are in each area and then follow the directive on completing the wheel of life. Sunday, complete your weekly landscape creation.