The Launching Pad WELCOME


Welcome to The Launching Pad 12-week coaching.

I am thrilled to be taking you on this journey and appreciate the trust you have placed with me. I am here to give to you 100% and I trust that you want the very best results for yourself, therefor will also participate 100%.  You are worth it.

What you will learn and experience during our time together will serve you for a lifetime.

With everything I do, there is always a deeper reason than what first appears on the surface. Things may at first seem simple, yet what truly takes place on deeper levels is more complex than what you first recognise. I will explain this as we go. 

We will be aligning mindset with the emotional to take bold action in the physical, shifting your energy. While taking this journey, you may feel these energy shifts.

The sequence of learnings has been designed specifically to link together to achieve a deep level of understanding, that will not only make sense, but it will also weave together to create a whole new tapestry of the landscape of your life. Internally as well as externally.

You will finish this journey with a road map for life. You will remain in the driver’s seat, with excuses and avoidance tactics placed back where they belong, in the passenger seat.

Each week you will be given access to the training and at the end of the week, we will get together on a live zoom coaching. If you are unable to make this session for any reason, let me know and it will be recorded.

Resources to get started

How to align your soul vision (PDF)