WEEK 11 - Parallel lives and decision making

“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles.” Gregg Braden

I suggest you watch this training at the beginning of the week, do not put it off.  It is a big concept, and the tasks will require time and consideration to gain the most out of this week.

In this training we explore the concept of parallel lives, where your world is like a movie theatre.  You are watching one movie called your life, and yet there are other movies showing at the same time.  Parallel Universes are occurring or existing at the same time.  All these Universes become a Multiverse and it all exists within you. Every decision you have ever considered means that there is another you, living that outcome of that decision. We explore a shamanic way of accessing these other selves in parallel Universes to gain answers, insight and encouragement.



  • Revisit any of the slides in the training that you may feel challenged by.
  • Do the cutting of the cords process and the hand on heart breathing.
  • Answer the curious and power questions.  Please take your time with these questions and give yourself the space and time to reflect and answer these.
  • Do the rules of the game and complete your weekly landscape creation.


I have written up one meditative process and provided a guided meditation on another process.  Please do both.

In the guided meditation you will find yourself at a door.  You will not know what scene is beyond the door as your successful self will choose what is appropriate. For example, she might be on a stage, at a desk or at a beach etc.  The more you become adept and trusting of this process you will eventually be able to meditate and invite her in.