WEEK 12 - The journey of intention beyond the spider web

“No matter how you wish to measure success, regardless of how you define achievement, you have barely scratched the surface of what you personally can accomplish. But maybe the time has come to change all that.  Maybe you’re ready to make a quantum leap.”  Price Pritchett, PH.D


In this final training we explore the power of intention, moving beyond the spider’s web and trusting in the unseen world. Intention is something you purposely choose to carry out.  The most powerful intention is aligned with the Divine Will.  The spider’s web is a false construct which is not in accordance with the Truth. Intention requires trust and knowing that the unseen world is there to serve you.




  • The cutting cord process and heart breathing.
  • Answer and explore through the curious and power questions. 
  • Write your Elevation of You story.  
  • Choose to continue aligning with the rules of the game and weekly landscape creation.
  • Set and align with your intention moving forwards.
  • I have written up one meditative process and provided a guided meditation on another process.  Please do both.


“Thank you for taking this journey with me. I deeply appreciate you and thank you for playing with the rules of the game. Whatever you do moving forwards, know this. I am your champion on the side lines cheering you on. You have within you the ability to do anything your Soul inspires you to do. All elements of the unseen are here to support you and the Universe exists within you and you exist within the Universe!”  Love and blessings, Kaye x

Lesson Resources WEEK 12