WEEK 7 - Ritual and the Modern World

“Ritual is so important in consciously activating who we are.”  Cath Sutherland, Conscious Business.


This week we explore how rituals have power and are important to help you feel more in control of your life. Rituals connect you to meaning and your Soul self within your physical existence. Creating ritual in your life is creating focused and aligned intention and is also another way of looking after yourself and your energy well-being.

Ritual is a set pattern or routine and creates a feeling of stability and frames areas of your life. The modern life is full of speed, doing rather than allowing and being. The ritual deepens the connection between the inner and outer worlds.




  • By answering the curious and power questions, you will gain a clear understanding of the power, meaning and benefits of ritual applied into your daily life.
  • You will outline and create rituals that you deeply connect with, incorporating into every aspect of your modern day living. The applications of your rituals and weekly reflections will continue for the duration of this program, ensuring an integration of these new practises.
  • Daily cutting of your chords will continue, heart breathing and filling out your weekly landscape creation.


Lesson Resources WEEK 7