WEEK 6 - The higher Chakra journey

“When you go beyond the localization of yourself in space and time, you realize that Truth resides in the highest crown chakra. The feeling is akin to oneness and intimacy with all that exists.” Raju Ramanathan (mostly known as Master Raju)


You have journeyed with the lower three chakras and gained insight in how to move the energy upwards while processing experiences. The base, sacral and solar plexus relates to your sense of stability, strength, and confidence.  They relate to the physical.  Your perceived self-image and emotional identity. Now it is time to cross the bridge from the outer physical and emotional reality to the inner spiritual insightful realm. Here, you connect into Divine wisdom and the ability to love oneself and others.



  • Answer the power and curious questions. Please give yourself the space and time to allow to be fully present with the questions and your responses.

  • I recommend cutting cords, smudging and hand on heart breathing before you begin.

  • I have written directions for a chakra meditation and recommended you write down your experience. 

  • Read the rules of the game and fill in the Landscape creation on the Sunday.