WEEK 8 - Invoking the powers within

“The universe exists within you, and you exist within the universe, and everything is energy.  ThereforE, there is a well of energy within to call upon.” Kaye Doran


This week we explore the power of invoking and how it can serve you in life. Invoking is done through a meditative prayer, in a state of connection and integration.  Invoking is calling forth an energy for support, strength, and insight.  Wisdom and alignment with an energy that you become. You are calling it into being.  You are causing it to start existing within your conscious awareness.  You call or awaken the energy from within and yet you can also feel it around you.  The outer is a projection of the inner. Let’s explore how invoking can serve you in the areas of strengths, gifts, and talents.




  • Continue the cutting of the cord process and the heart breathing. The curious, power, and self-reflective questions will align you more fully to the power of invocation and uncovering in what areas you can immediately start to apply them. As always, this will be an awakening and integrative journey.  
  • Continue to reflect on the rules of the game and complete your weekly landscape creation.


Lesson Resources WEEK 8