My Manifesto

I  have a vision where all women are leading themselves from the deep-seated guidance of the inner voice of knowing, power, and potential. No longer handing their power and purpose over to the unseen inner expectations, set by false stories and beliefs gathered in their early years. Or expectations thrust upon them by the external world, egoic minds that suppress.

I was not sent here to be a sheep and blindly follow that which is before me. I have peeled away the layers of belief and discovered that the Truth is beyond the shadow of the belief system.

I am here to be an authentic expression of who I am from the depths of my soul. Unashamedly myself and unapologetic in my power and expressions of what I know to be Universal Truth. There is a power and intelligence within us all.  A mission calls from deep within, to set ourselves free. I know the terrain because I have walked the inner worlds as a shaman and know the landscape.  I have risen from the depths of darkness and brought with me the gifts that lay dormant, bringing them back to the external world.

I am here to guide you through that inner world, so you too understand its purpose. To know who you are as an energetic, emotional, and mentally empowered woman, living with a foot in both worlds. Adding volume to your inner voice of knowing, power, and potential, so that it may be the compass that guides you to your deepest soul calling.

I extend my hand and my wisdom to you, so that you can pull yourself out of mediocrity. Hiding as though you are not worthy to be seen, being choked by fear and overwhelm as if you do not have a choice to change. I will not let go as others have done to me. I was born for this very reason.

As you are set free, my request is that you celebrate other women that are setting themselves free and together, we create a unified stance, as women of power and wisdom who lift each other up. Who celebrate one another because I am in you, and you are in me. We are all one.

I have the map and I have the tools; I offer them to you so that you can learn to consciously create and masterfully lead your life from the inside out and place yourself back into the drivers’ seat of your life.

The power of change is in your hands.

Stand with me, at my side and let us do this journey together.

Kaye Doran