Sun Meditation

14 minutes

Use this meditation when you feel that life is getting chaotic or challenging.  When you feel affected by what is happening within your life and around you.  This meditation will make you feel calm, strong, centred and radiant.  Unaffected by what is happening within your life.  This is a quick yet powerful meditation bringing your attention back to yourself.


The sun meditation is a beautiful meditation. I remember that we are like the sun, we are our own energy, vibrancy, strength and radiance and like the sun a reminder to let our world revolve around us while being the beautiful energy that we are. I love, love, love this meditation as it is powerful and reminds us how to be in this life of ours.

Susan Jones

Call Back Your Eneregy. Call Forth Your Success Meditation.

21 minutes

All too often we project our thoughts, feelings and energy into the past or into the future and our fears or with others.  This 21 minute meditation will have you calling back this energy and focus so that you can ignite your future successful self within and have it grow and expand.  This meditation is designed so that you can ignite all your senses with this energy of your potential,  so that the connection becomes stronger than your doubts.


I had one of those days yesterday where I found it really difficult to get moving and take action towards my business.  It all just felt too hard. So I did the ‘Call forth your success’ meditation.  It is the best guided meditation I have ever done.  I felt such clarity and calm afterwards and the amount I accomplished yesterday was unbelievable given how I felt before I did the meditation.  I highly recommend if you want to feel clear and focused.  You don’t need to know how to meditate to do it.

Nicole Croucher

Expanding Your Capacity Meditation

30 minutes

Expanding your capacity is a meditation to allow your capacity in all areas of your life for greater abundance, success, love and joy.  We all have a set capacity to receive according to subconscious beliefs. If you overfill this capacity eg monetary abundance you will reach your tipping point. Reaching your tipping point means that you need to get rid of the excess money in order to come back to your pre-set capacity. You might do this by creating a sudden unexpected bill etc. Same as your capacity for a loving relationship e.g. you reach your tipping point so you create a disagreement to bring you back. This meditation is designed to help you consciously expand your capacity mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Music by Dr Wayne W. Dyer and James F. Twyman

Wow! Kaye’s angelic voice and direction guided me to a space where I met someone I have only had small glimpses of lately.  Me! Happy tears were flowing. Visions of abundance and joy.  I actually felt the expansion around me and not only saw myself in new situations but fully felt its reality. Even to situations a week ago I said I couldn’t possibly do. I feel changed and so light.

Expanding your capacity is an incredible meditation.

Justine Drogemuller