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Finding The Courage To Get Unstuck

Have you ever felt stuck; like a car stuck in the mud spinning its wheels and not getting anywhere? Perhaps you aren’t yet aware that your wheels are spinning, and no movement is taking place. Read the complete article at Brainz Magazine

The Power Of The Heart – Meditation Beyond Mindfulness

Think with the heart and feel with the mind. This is what I have come to know, yet many are living the opposite of this truth.

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Fear Is Your Friend

Whenever you have an aspiration to change any given area of your life, you will eventually be greeted by your friend fear.

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6 Ways To Talk Yourself Out Of Giving Up On Your Dreams

Have you ever wondered why you get an idea to change an area of your life and feel all fired up only to find yourself quickly discouraged and unmotivated? Why do we get stuck in this exhausting pattern of making excuses and giving up?

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