Shamanic Energy Sound Healing

After feeling particularly emotional and drained one day, I went into a meditation and asked to be shown an easier way to heal than the recycling of old and painful memories. Prayers were answered and I was then shown how I was to work with energy and Shamanic Energy Sound Healing (SESH)TM was born.

Everything in its purest form is energy.  Colour, sound and number. Physics tells us that matter is made up of molecules and that even something solid, such as a table, is vibrating all the time. As are we.

Dr Lucy Cleary

I’ve been receiving healing from Kaye for over 15 years. I’ve found her to be truly inspiring and insightful in all her sessions. Her ability to get to the true core of the issue is second to none. She is so compassionate and is the consummate professional. Kaye has worked with a close family member remarkably close to their passing and that session will be forever remembered as one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. Done gently and so comforting. A magical experience. I am blessed to have her in my life.

I work with sound tools. All the tools help to align the energy system as well as taking the consciousness deeper so that you can get out of your own way and let the healing take place. They all have their own unique gift. 

The drum regulates the heartbeat and gets you back in sync with the Earth’s energy, therefore grounding you. It helps me to access the stories and beliefs that are guiding your subconscious. The drum when played over the body feels like an internal massage.

The rattles refine the work the drum has done and energetically connects you to the cosmos, so you have a connection, in a sense to Heaven and Earth.

The Tibetan Tingsha cymbals awaken every cell in the body, like thousands of eyes opening, so healing can take place at the deepest cellular level.

The Tibetan singing bowl is hand made from seven metals relating to the seven major planets and the seven main energy centres in the body called chakras. Depending on how I play the bowl, it will either put in a healing energy or remove energy.  It will also clear and align the meridians.

The bell and dorje help to balance the energies of the right and left sides of the brain and can take your consciousness very deep.  It feels as though your energy is being wrapped up in golden light.

I also work with my voice as required, singing energy to you, through you and out from you.

Then the healing energy flows through my hands and although I rarely actually touch your body many have felt as though I am.  Other common sensations that have been felt at times are that I am inside the body; the stomach can make noises as energy shifts, heat and chills are a common experience. You can experience a myriad of sensations. Some sessions feel subtle and others feel profound.

Unconscious blocks are being shifted and realigned, other people’s energy and influences removed and sometimes soul retrieval. Anything that impedes you from being in the here and now.  You become fully in your own energy.

I have even been asked to work with those who are getting ready to pass over.  This is a hugely humbling experience. As a healer I am merely a guide. I know the terrain; you do the journey, I simply support you along the way.  It takes three; yourself, me and the Divine.

My gift is the gift of ‘knowing’. I know what is going on with you at the deepest levels. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Energetically you let me know what you need.

Over three decades of working with people in a coaching and healing capacity, it is common to hear clients say “I don’t know what you actually did, all I know is I am changed”. That is what I love.

Eryne Kiley

After a serious injury to my neck sustained in the workplace, I had been seeking alternatives in pain relief due to three failed spinal surgeries. I have felt let down by the system that has been unable to help me, so I needed to seek help elsewhere. Kaye was recommended to me by my massage therapist.

I have been blessed to have had an amazing shamanic energy sound healing with you Kaye and I am so grateful for how you made me feel so safe and secure in your presence. How I felt during the healing was like no other experience I have ever had before, the feeling of love and peace and being able to let go safely of so much pain and suffering.

My mindset changed the moment I sat up and wow I have not got enough words to describe how profound coming to see you has been for my life and I am so very grateful. You have so much knowledge and wisdom to share, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Lisa Knight

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Kaye’s healing sessions many times. My husband and I would also participate in her Full Moon Healing ceremony every month and the clarity we would receive during and after these group healings was amazing. Not to mention the love, kindness and compassion she would bestow upon us all. I had to drag my husband along the first time and then there was no stopping him. Thank you to Raven and Jaguar for their spiritual guidance also.

When my husband was in a coma from a brain tumour, Kaye was there to help us both through the trauma, allowing and clearing our energies for new spaces, places and acceptance that life had not ended … it was just different.

I lovingly thank Kaye for all she has done for us and can honestly say you won’t regret seeing her for anything you may need help with in your life.  She has a gift and thankfully is willing to share it with us. Much gratitude to a beautiful soul. Someone I now call a friend. xxx


Kathryn Booth

I want to share about my first healing session with Kaye. I had on many occasions postponed my appointment with Kaye. Yes, that is right Me. I am not a victim anymore of being in a domestic violent relationship, I am a survivor but it has taken me nearly two years of physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation to be able to talk properly again as I suffered a severe concussion during that period where my whole body was jarred from my ankles to my neck. I couldn’t get my words out anymore. I couldn’t remember my sister’s name nor many others. I was in chronic pain. I had lost full rotation on my left side and therefore it made it very difficult to walk, keep my balance and I kept falling over due to my left foot just was not functioning anymore. I could say you can relate it to someone who has suffered a stroke.

Despite perseverance and determination not just from myself but my close family, my GP, clinical psychologist, pharmacist and osteopath, after multiple MRI’s and CT scans, my mind, body and spirit was failing and deteriorating rapidly as I just wanted to shut down. I was suffering most nights from visual nightmares of the incidents that happened. I didn’t want to sleep anymore.

Fast forward to today which is 21st August 2020. It has been a week since I took that leap of faith and I had my first Shamanic Healing session with Kaye and I am more than grateful that I allowed Kaye to do what she needed to do. I was open to someone I didn’t know and the transformation in myself has been more than extraordinary. For seven days now I have not had any anxiety. I had forgotten what life was like to not be woken up with dread and the debilitating physical affects that anxiety and panic attacks have on the human body. I was free from the shame I had continued to carry around with me. I am free from that burden. I forgave myself and the sadness in my eyes has diminished and the sparkle returned in my face and eyes and my body.

I was no longer in the constant fight and flight mode. The stress response in my body stopped, therefore I allowed myself to begin the next phase of my healing process. I had to make the decision to change my mindset and to “get out of my own way” and allow another professional to help me.

It is a week today as I write this at 11:29am. That is the time last week where my energy had been restored.

I recommend highly if you need healing, and you can only do so much on your own, to take the leap, trust your subconscious and your intuition and reach out to Kaye.

I will be returning for a follow up healing session with Kaye in a month’s time.

Thank you Kaye, for restoring and renewing the strong, courageous woman I am today.

I choose to be well, therefore I am well.

Kind regards

Kathryn Booth


Working with your energy changes your mental, aspirational, physical and emotional outlook on life and who you are.

I can work just as effectively with you in a room with me or via zoom or messenger.

Send me a message and I’ll let you know how I can help