Who is guiding the subconscious?

Positive thinking on its own is not enough to create change.  Therefore, so many people fail to create the life they truly desire, and many times give up because they feel that it is not truly possible. Somehow, they don’t deserve, or they have something to keep healing in order to have, as though they are somehow broken.

This is a journey of uncovering and discovering.  Without this knowledge it is like trying to open a door without having the key. It stays locked and you never see what is on the other side.

Sitting in our unconscious is all the false beliefs and stories we have gathered growing up.  I am not loveable, deserving, or good enough.  I am powerless or do not have the capacity and the list goes on.  All these non-truths are directing our subconscious which is designed to say ‘yes’ and create your reality according to what it is being told. The problem is that people are being told to be “positive” and that the doubts and insecurities are “negative”.

All this does is it creates the desire and belief that they need to “get rid of these negative thoughts and energy” so, they do their best to bury and suppress them. At least the ones they are aware of. The ones they are not yet aware of are working quietly in the background, directing the subconscious from the shadows. The more you try to suppress the more power they have and the louder they will become.  Like a tantrum throwing child seeking to be seen and heard.

Yes, you need to be and think positive, however that alone is not enough.  It is not the answer. You need to uncover and discover what these false beliefs and stories are.  Go eyeball to eyeball with them, taking them out from the shadows and into the light. We become consciously aware, self-conscious and by doing this we weaken the hold they have on us because we recognize that it is non truth and driving our subconscious which creates our reality, experiences, and responses!

Set the intention to discover what is in the unconscious and examine how you react and respond to them. Anger, hiding, fighting, or perhaps disconnecting and living a smaller life than you once envisioned, possibly doing a job you do not enjoy or staying in a relationship you know is not good for you. How does it play out in the areas of family and relationships, work, health and well-being, finances?

The conflict within your life is a powerful messenger.  If you face conflict with self-awareness and be proactive rather than reactive, aware that it is before you to give you a message about what is really going on in your unconscious. Now conflict has become your friend not a foe.

Now the superconscious mind is the part of you that knows the Truth.  Your full power and potential.  This is the part of you that calls you to the life you know you would love. This is where the initial great ‘idea’ comes from.  Build a business, go for the promotion, change your job, travel, write a book, whatever it might be. The idea pops into your mind because you are already living that reality in a future now moment.  The superconscious knows you succeed and that you create.

The subconscious is directed by the stories and beliefs that hold the most power. Once you have exposed the unconscious non-truths and you understand the superconscious, powerful and positive, now you can consciously ‘choose’ what to feed the subconscious and create the life and success you truly deserve, desire and love.