Who is guiding the subconscious?

Positive thinking on its own is not enough to create change.  Therefore, so many people fail to create the life they truly desire, and many times give up because they feel that it is not truly possible. Somehow, they don’t deserve, or they have something to keep healing in order to have, as though they […]

Stop being a bully to yourself

If a child came to you saying that they are useless, ugly or hurt and feeling unloved, would you say to them “yes of course you are?” No, no you would not.  Why? Because you know how powerfully that will influence that child and that it truly does not serve them in any way and […]

Moving beyond your comfort zone

Have you ever wondered why you get an idea to change an area of your life and at first you feel all fired up? At first determined and focused, full of good intention and then slowly, slowly you start to find excuses like “I’m too busy and don’t really have the time” or “I don’t […]